Chicken Welfare

How much time do your chickens spend outdoors?

Our chickens roam outside all day during daylight hours, everyday. We ensure that our chickens are always provided with adequate shade and shelter, feed and fresh rain water.

The only occasions our animals aren’t in the pasture is when they choose to shelter because of inclement weather, or when short-term confinement is necessary for veterinary treatment or when giving birth.

What do your chickens eat?

No hormones, no steroids, no heavy weight protein shakes! We only feed our chickens Australian Country Heritage Feed (Organic Certification 10607P). They also eat lots of grass and forage in the pasture for bugs and natural goodies. All that organic goodness is passed on to you.

What is your stocking density?

At maximum capacity we stock less than 1,500 birds per hectare. We believe that keeping stocking densities to a minimum ensures every bird has ample space to forage and graze naturally.

Where do the chickens go at night?

Our chickens roost in special caravans and tents that are designed to protect them from both the elements and predators.

How do you protect your chickens?

We live in harmony with the natural fauna and flora using solar powered poultry nets and alpacas to protect our flock.

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