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Our Animals

Being raised on an Open Range gives our animals the ability to display their full spectrum of natural behaviours. We provide an exceptional level of care and consider their wellbeing our top priority.



Our chickens love foraging, playing and socialising with their flock in our green pastures. All our birds graze on grass and forage for bugs and natural goodies in the earth, we provide clean rain water for them to drink and top up their natural diets with Australian Country Heritage Feed (Organic Certification 10607P).

The best bit is that all the organic goodness our chickens enjoy, is passed on to you.


ISA Brown Hens


Isa Browns are excellent egg layers, they’re built for foraging in the pasture, which results in a highly nutritional egg.


Pasture Raised Chickens


Our pasture raised broilers are a truly differentiated table bird. The Open Range environment combined with their slow growth rate helps develop a very special flavour.


The Others…

It's not just chickens that roam our pastures, there are other animals that call Topi home too:


Topi Alpacas


We have fourteen magnificent alpacas. Because of their unusual appearance and significant height, these beautiful creatures act as a natural deterrent to birds of prey; plus they’re super cute.


Chaos and Havoc


Meet our mischievous dogs. Chaos (Director of Security) and Havoc (Chook Wrangler) discourage local predators. In their spare time, they love lounging in the sun and swimming in the dam – it’s a dog’s life.