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The Topi Way

We believe that our exceptional produce is the result of regenerative farming practices and a strong focus on the welfare of our animals.


Organic Goodness


No hormones, no steroids, no gym-junkee protein shakes!
Our hens eat lots of plants and forage in the pasture for bugs and natural goodies. We top-up this organic diet with Australian Country Heritage Feed (Organic Certification 10607P).



Care and Wellbeing


We stock less than 1,500 birds per hectare.
This ensures every bird has ample space to forage with their flock. Our hens’ wellbeing is a top priority, we provide them with an exceptional level of care and respect.



Pasture Raised animals


Our animals are Pasture Raised On Open Fields.
We are certified with PROOF (PROOF License 34371076). This means our animals enjoy unrestricted access to graze on fresh open pasture with adequate shade and shelter, drink fresh rain water and play in dustbaths.



Leaving a positive impact


We are founding members of the Land to Market Australia's international Ecological Outcome Verification Program with the Savory Insitiute.
As passionate farmers who care about the environment, we manage our land holistically and are committed to demonstrating that we provide a positive environmental impact.