FAQ: Chicken

OMG, this chicken tastes like, real chicken?

Yes, that’s right. Our chickens have a natural diet and eat a lot of grass in the pasture. All this natural goodness results in a chicken that tastes like real chicken, not bland, white meat.

How are your chickens packaged?

After being humanely dispatched at the local aboutior, the chickens are carefully and hygienically packaged in sealed plastic bags. All products are kept below 4˚C.

What's are the nutritional details?

Our chickens are fed Organic Australian Heritage Feed (Organic Certification 10607P) to supplement their diet of grass and insects foraged in the open pasture; naturally they pass the rich nutritional benefits to you, here’s the breakdown:

Average serving 200g (roughly a whole leg). *% of daily recommended allowance. [Nutritional Table]

How long do you chickens keep for in the fridge?

Our chickens stay fresh in the fridge for roughly 5 days. Please refer to the best before date and eat before then.

How long do your chickens keep for in the freezer?

If you freeze the chicken on the day we deliver it, you can keep it in the freezer for approximately 12 months. Please ensure you thoroughly defrost the chicken before you cook it.