FAQ: Eggs

What size eggs do you sell?

Our eggs come in two sizes: 12 Extra Large eggs (minimum total mass: 700g). Each Extra Large egg weighs between X and Xg.

12 Jumbo eggs (minimum total mass: 800g). Each Jumbo egg weighs between X and Xg.

Occasionally a chicken will lay an absolute whopper, we call these ones Jurassic Jumbos (that’s not an official classification). Jurassic Jumbos are rare so we don’t sell them, instead we turn them into extra large omelets - delicious!

How long do your eggs keep for?

Eggs are best eaten fresh, but you can eat them until their best before date (approximately X days after being laid). Eggs are best kept refrigerated.

How can I tell if my eggs are fresh?

Step 1. Place the egg in a glass.

Step 2. Fill the glass with water.

A fresh egg will stay at the bottom, and old egg will float - That’s because as eggs get older, the yolk and egg-white shrink; this results in air being absorbed through the shell, making older eggs more buoyant.

Should I keep my eggs in the fridge?

Eggs should be stored at temperatures below X degrees. It isn’t essential to keep them in the fridge, but it’s highly recommended.

What are the nutritional details?

Eggs contain plenty of vitamins & minerals, beneficial nutrients, and lots of protein. They are safe to eat everyday and form part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Average serving 90g (2 eggs). *% of daily recommended allowance. [Nutritional Table]

Do you add anything to make the yolks more orange?

The yolk colour is dependant on the amount of Caroteniods found in the natural diet of the hen, we never add any additives, growth promoters, hormones, or colour enhances to our hens food.

So, naturally the hue of the yolk depends on how what the hen has been foraging for in the pasture.

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